Author and Performer

Hibischka’s career began in 2009 by writing stories for her target audience, children, especially the youngest ones.

Many collections of tales supported by her learning concepts and tools, ABC, AVEC and DALE combining play, nursery rhymes, arts and crafts, relaxation videos, see the light of day.

Her goal is to enable all children to benefit from stories in libraries, schools, specialized centres as well as the website.

Both education specialists and parents/grandparents appreciate this concept which is offered in the form of animated storytelling/workshops.

“For each one of my stories, I wish to transmit the pleasure of listening to a story and reading the story by a parent at bedtime which is a privileged moment filled with emotion and exchange. However, I also take into consideration the necessity to develop an active attitude: an attentive ear. (listening)”



How to access our stories?

You can directly access our stories by choosing those that are most suitable for your child’s age.

To those who love stories, please enjoy those written by Hibischka.

My blog: http://www.hibischka.blogspot.fr