Pitounette, the little cat

Chapter 1

Pitounette is a little grey cat with black marks on its paws.

She is sweet and she loves cuddling with her brothers and sisters. Her mother doesn’t understand why Pitounette has black marks on her paws, but it’s nature! She likes climbing trees but purring as well under the rays of the sun. But above all, she is very curious.

Pitounette wants to know all about the nature around her? So, she reads to understand why the sky is blue, the clouds white, grey, black but pink and purple too.

On this particular morning, there are clouds in the sky. Pitounette goes to look for her book. She opens it at page C. C for clouds. She reads: Clouds are many many drops of water and when there are many, they fall and there is rain.

Quickly, Pitounette looks up at the sky. There are grey and black clouds. They cover the entire sky which is not blue but dark. It looks like night-time. The black clouds cover the sun.

Pitounette continues to read. The rain! It will soon rain but what is the rain? Pitounette turns the pages of her book and goes straight to page R. R for RAIN. She reads: Rain is the water which falls from the sky and it wets us.

Suddenly, she feels something wet. Like all cats, Pitounette doesn’t like water. But she wants to see, her curiosity is great.  This time it’s the downpour. The rain falls, quite hard and Pitounette is all wet.

Her mother sees her under the rain, soaked.

-Pitounette, come in and go under shelter, quickly!

-Mother, I want to feel the water on me. I read in my book that water is very important, it washes, makes us clean and thanks to this water, there is life on Earth.

-Pitounette, you are too clever for me. Obey and come under shelter. You can play with your brothers if you want.

Pitounette finally accepts to go under shelter. But, she looks at the rain which pitter-patters on the ground. It’s like a song.

Activity: Mandala to colour.

Mandala 4

Relaxation music

Children’s song: Listen, listen from Anny and Jean-Marc VERSINI