Pitounette, the little cat

Chapter 2


All is soaking. The dirt, the flowers, the trees, even her friend Max the chaffinch that she sees in his nest. He can protect himself from the rain if he goes into the hollow of this big tree.

-Max, go get shelter in the hollow of the tree or come next to me.

-I would very much like that,  chirps Max, but your brothers don’t like me very much. They will eat me.

-When they heard that someone was talking about them, Pitounette’s brothers opened an eye and stopped purring.

- We can have fun with Max, Pitounette just asked him to go under shelter with her.

-Mama, Mama cries Pitounette. My brothers want to hurt max. He is all wet and I want him to take shelter close to me. Can you ask them to play somewhere else?

-OK. We will not bother your friend Max. He can come, we won’t do any harm to him.

-I’m coming, chirps Max, who is reassured and trustful.

-Look Max. The raindrops are falling gently. I can see some with colours. You too? Pitounette asks Max.

-Yes, you are right. There are different colours. I see red ones, yellow, green and blue.

But Pitounette’s brothers take advantage that their sister is busy to get closer like a thief in the night.  For a start, they lick their lips ready to leap on Max and make a good meal out of him.

-Pitounette, your brothers! Help!

And quickly, Max flies away into his nest. He is safer.

This time, Mother cat is not happy.

-Pitounette, you know very well that your brothers eat birds.


And you, the cats, you promised. I no longer want to see you here. Go and hunt flies for tonight’s dinner.

The brothers are not happy and they promise themselves that one day, they will take advantage of their sister’s absence to catch Max and eat him up. However, for the moment, it’s Max that approaches his friend.


Join the dots

Colour the umbrella.


Relaxation video.