Pitounette, the little cat

Chapter 4

Chat nid

- Pitounette, my nest is destroyed. I’m sure that it’s your brothers that did this.

- It’s not possible. It’s most likely the rain which fell strongly, don’t you think?

But Pitounette’s two brothers aren’t far away. They are ready to jump on Max who luckily, flies very high to take shelter.

This time, Pitounette gets angry. She decides to protect her friend Max and with his help, punish her brothers.

So, both of them think.

- What do cats hate? But really hate? Max asks Pitounette.

- Cats don’t like getting wet but I know my brothers don’t like straw. It’s not soft enough for them.

- OK then. We are going to play a joke on them. I am going to get the  straw that I use for my nest. I will redo it and the straw which remains, we are going to put it under some dead leaves. When they go to sleep, they will get pricked. What do you think Pitounette?

No sooner said than done. Max gathers all the straw that remains and that pricks and with Pitounette, they put a lot of straw under the dead leaves which are used as a cosy bed.

They then wait, happy about their good idea.

Activity: the hat

Chapeau 1

Paw to cut two times.

Form a cone with a half-circle. Glue  the edges with adhesive ribbon and staple it.

Glue the head and the paws on the cone and glue the tail on the back.

Make a hole on each side of the hat and thread through a part of the string and make a knot.

Relaxation video.