Pitounette, the little cat

Chapter 5



During this time, Pitounette continues to learn about the nature around her.

  • Well, I can’t fly but I can look at the sky during the day when it’s blue, the evening when it’s red and the night when it’s black.

  • Yes, and at night we can see the moon and the stars when there aren’t any clouds.

  • Let’s look at M. M for moon. Pitounette searches. The moon turns around the sun. It’s very far away from the earth. Well, I can’t go.

  • Maybe the stars, suggests Max.

  • S for Star :Bright big ball, even further away than the moon and very hot, reads Pitounette from her book.

  • I have an idea, says Max. Tonight when the sun goes down, the sky will be red or orange and the sun might be red as well. We will go and look at them together and then the moon will come with all the stars and the sky will be beautiful. We will listen to the chirruping of the night birds. And, we will dream of Mrs Moon and the beautiful bright stars.

  • -Yes, and then the stars will come and say “good night.” We can do that every night when there aren’t any clouds, says Pitounette happily.

Educational activity: star dominoes

Dominos 1

Print the dominoes, glue them on a sheet of cardboard paper or laminate them,

then cut them out– Have fun!

Relaxation video.