Pitounette, the little cat

Chapter 3


Now the black clouds have disappeared. There are still clouds, but they are grey and white. The light has returned and the sun  sends out its rays. Then, Pitounette and Max jump in the puddles and they have fun splashing each other.  The sun with its rays  dries the leaves from the trees, the flowers and the droplets disappear. The sky becomes blue again. Just colours in the sky!

Pitounette grabs her book again. At page S, S like SKY, she finds: the sky is always blue. It is very very high, very far.

Then Pitounette asks Max:

  • Max, will you come with me all the way to the top, in the sky when it’s all blue?

  • But that’s too high. I won’t be able to do it even if I am a bird. And then, you can’t fly because you are a little cat. How are you going to do it? Asks Max.

  • I will look in my book. F for FLY. It’s going to tell me how to fly, says Pitounette. So, to fly means to move around the air like birds.

  • Yes, I fly in the air, says Max. And, with those words, Max shows Pitounette how he flies. He lands right in his nest but what does he see? His nest is completely destroyed. Who did that ?

  • Paille







Manual activity: A cat tangram

Cut all the triangles and put them together to make Pitounette.


Relaxation video: the creation of a bird’s nest.