Les fées et la légende des vents

Chapter 4

Les fees c4

The little fairies continue their trip. As soon as they left Manuel’s little village, a wind lifts them and steers them far, very far.

  • What’s going on? I can’t move like I want to, cries Fairy Fougère.

  • Careful, it’s Fairy Bourrasque who is playing a trick on us.

  • But why is she blowing so hard? We don’t have the time to see where we are.

  • I am caught in a whirlwind. I can’t use my magic wand. Where are you, my sisters?

  • Do you want to discover the planet Earth? So I invite you to discover it with me, if you really want to, suggests Bourrasque, Fairy of the winds.

  • Yes, yes, we agree, but calm down Fairy of the winds because your whirlwind is too strong for us. Please calm down, demand our little fairies.

  • OK. I just wanted to play a practical joke. There! Now my breath of wind is much lighter. And I am happy to make introductions. Can you see me now? Asks the wind fairy.

  • Yes, and it’s better that way. Hello Fairy of the winds. Tell us the name of the wind that lifted us so roughly.

  • This wind is called “gust.” When I am in a gust, I am a violent but brief wind. But you haven’t seen me when I have transformed into a hurricane.

  • Yes we have understood. Now we can feel a caress? Says Myrtille.

  • It’s me, Fairy Alyzés. I am very nice and soft. What do you think?

  • Oh yes, I prefer. Your breeze is light and tepid, like a soft touch. I like you, says Fairy Toupie.

  • My sister of the winds is not mean but she likes to show her strength and in those moments, it’s better to take shelter, explains Fairy Zéphyr.

  • Oh! Another name from the winds. You are Zéphyr and how do you act? Asks Elsa.

  • Well, I don’t move much. I let myself swing at the whim of the sun. I rest often which is what I like most of all, explains Fairy Zéphyr.

  • I am the Bise and when winter approaches, it’s my role to bend the reeds, to make the leaves fall and sometimes I have fun making them fly for a long time until they softly land on the ground. I blow a cold air which comes from the north.

  • How many of you are there?

  • We are many. Here is the Fairy Tramontane, Fairy Mistral and Fairy Sirocco.

  • Well, we are so happy to meet you. We can have fun together.

  • Yes but the children from planet Earth have fun as well thanks to us.

  • Oh right! How, for example?

  • With the gliders, hang-gliders, kites, the windmills, the parachutes…”

  • But what we suggest, kind Fairies of the valley of joy, is to listen to our whistling. It’s very beautiful.

So our little fairies settle on the flowers, and from the top of their lungs breath the sweet air from their cousins, the wind fairies, and are in awe of their whistles.


     Educational activity: Game of the wind turbines

     Circle the pairs with a pencil which corresponds to the  colours of the wind turbine.



Relaxation video.