Les fées de la vallée de la joie et la légende des vents

Chapter 6

Les fees c6

Venus enjoys the company of the fairies from the Valley of Joy. The Earth is beautiful and with the moon and sun all is bright.

  • But me, I exist as well.

  • Who is speaking?

  • Me, the Comet of crystal. I am the most beautiful. I am transparent and we can see everything through me.

  • But where are you?  We can’t see you.

  • That’s because I am transparent. But I can observe you and I want to show you how beautiful I am, the most beautiful.

  • Then show yourself so we can admire you, demand the fairies.

  • My tail which passes near the sun is full of snow and ice dust and it’s very very very long, several kilometres.

  • Maybe, but from Earth, where we are, we can’t see you.

  • What a shame! If you only knew how I get bored all alone. And above all, I am not going to live for very long. I know that I am going to evaporate soon, sighs the crystal Comet.

  • But what are we going to do? Ask the fairies. What do you expect from us?

  • I don’t want to die so quickly. I’m so beautiful. So pure. So transparent! Can you see me?

  • Trust us. We are going to lift our magic wand and say at the same time: Crystal comet, light up the sky, show us your beauty. Suggest the fairies from the Valley of Joy.

  • Then finally the long tail appears in the starry sky. Venus, the moon, the fairies – all filled with wonder at the sight of the crystal Comet.

  • You are big. We can see you. Make a wish, crystal Comet, we will grant it with our wands.

  • Oh, thank you, thank you. Please. I want a husband and children so much.

  • What is the magic formula for that? Asks fairy Coccibelle.

  • How can we forget a formula so important? Says Cristalline fairy, a little angry with her sisters.

  • No one has noted the formula?

  • Yes, yes, I have says Fairy Campanule. I wrote it on one of my wings. Who wants to read it?

  • That my wish comes true, says the magic formula.

  • Then quick, lift our wands from the left hand, turn around three times as we look at the crystal Comet and all together say: Your wish comes true.

  • Wow! Exclaims the crystal Comet. You are wonderful, fairies. What do you see?

  • Then a big blue comet appears. It turns and turns around the crystal Comet and as it is turning…

  • Yes, fairies. Look now. I have baby comets. They are beautiful. Thank you! Thank you again! I will never forget you.

  • And in that way, Venus, the moon, the wind fairies and the fairies from the Valley of Joy brought happiness to the crystal Comet.

Manual Activity: making glasses

To cut

Take two straws, fold them and cut them to the right length for the ears.

Staple together. Your glasses are ready.



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