Les fées de la vallée de la joie/The Fairies of the Valley of Joy

Chapter 2.

Les fees c2

What a strange thing. There are less forests and greenery. It has been 2000 years that they have not visited the land of humans. How it’s changed! There are so many people now. How could we have stayed years without worrying about the future of humans?

-Fortunately, we have returned, says joyously Aba. Where are the babies and the children?

-There! Isa cries out. - Look at that little five year old boy; he is all by himself in his room. Let’s get closer and watch him!

-Isa, we are going to entrust you to him. Thanks to your magic wand, give him the joy to live and to have fun with his friends. If you need something, call!

So Isa looks for a way to make Manuel smile again. She moves around, flies around him so she can feel his emotions. He is so lonely yet so young! Why doesn’t he have fun like the other boys his age?

Isa knows that Manuel can’t see her. He is lost in his thoughts.

-Manuel, I can see that you like music and singing very much but you can’t do those things.

Therefore, Isa looks for a way to transform all of that. Of course, with my magic wand, she thinks. What she wants most is for  him to no longer be lonely anymore and that he has friends, friends to play with, to sing, jump with. She does that a lot with her sisters, the fairies.

-I will start by meeting him and explaining to him that I am the fairy Isa and that he can see and hear me.  But how?  How do I attract his attention on other things besides his problems?

Isa calls her sisters for help. - Manuel is so alone. He doesn’t even suspect I exist. Thank goodness, Myrtille has arrived:

-Listen carefully to Manuel’s heart, she advises. You will understand his greatest desire and then quickly you can grant his wish.

-But he can’t hear me.

-He is quite lonely and you have chosen to come to his rescue. What does he desire most?

-To sing!

-You can grant his wish. The song! With his voice! His voice is already an instrument. What’s keeping you from giving him the opportunity to sing? 


Activity: Fairy goose game

Print the game on a piece of paper 21x29.7 cm. Glue it to  cardboard paper or laminate it, if possible.

Now, play!

For the pieces, get some corks and paint them.

Rules of the game:

Throw the dice and move your piece the number of cases it says on the dice.

If you land on a red space, you miss a turn.

If you land on a yellow space, you play again.

The first to arrive on the space with the fairy’s magic wand, has won!

Jeu de l'oie

Fiche n 8b

Relaxation: shut your eyes, listen and dream.