Chapter 1 - the departure


One day Christophe was walking in the street. He finds a beautiful walnut. He opens the walnut to eat what is inside. He keeps the shell to play with it/to use it for a game/to make something nice out of it. Guess what? A small sailing boat to go on the water/to sail on the water.

He runs fast home/he returns quickly home, he paints the nutshell in blue and with the help of modeling clay he uses the stick of an icecream make a pole. Afterwards he makes a sail with a blue cardboard. Its name is “THE BLUE SAILBOAT”, said Christophe.

Now I am going to sail in my beautiful little boat. He is so happy that he sings:

The blue sailboat

Fallen, the beautiful nut on the street,

The nut broke,

The shell floats on the water,

A little boat,

Its sail made of blue paper/cardboard

Floating, like in a dream

The blue sailboat (bis

Refrain: blue sailboat, blue sailboat you will navigate/sail

Blue sailboat, blue sailboat you are floating/riding on the waters

Fallen, the beautiful nut on the street,

What shall we do with your shell,

A beautiful blue sailboat

A little boat

Its sail made of blue paper/cardboard

Floating, like in a dream

The blue sailboat (bis

Blue sailboat, blue sailboat you will navigate

Blue sailboat, blue sailboat you are floating on the waters.




Christophe looks at his sailboat admiringly. He calls his mother:

- Look at my beautiful blue sailboat! Here we go, sail on the water, he told his boat.

The little boat goes far away… and first crosses the sea. He meets other boots much bigger than himself, but he does not care/mind, as he sees a beautiful lighthouse and waves hello to him.

- Hello Mr. Lighthouse!

He passes the lighthouse/ leaves the lighthouse behind which is beautifully coloured. And then he hears the sound of the waves in the ocean.

Relaxation: listen to the sound of the wind and the waves in the ocean

Manual activity: boat made from a nutshell

Voilier coque 2

Take a nut, open it in two parts/split in the middle and empty the shells/halfs without breaking them.

Paint the shells in blue. Fill it with the modeling clay. Draw the sails of the boat on blue paper/cardboard, cut them out and glue them on wooden stick.

Place/Position/stick the pole in the modeling clay.

Chapter 2 - First encounter



Game for your fingers: Ritournelle

Rub, rub, rub your hands,

Turn, turn, turn the windmill,

Close, close, close the path,

The sun is going to rise.

The blue sailboat takes/climbs waves after waves. The current/stream brings him/takes him further out on the sea/ocean.

What he prefers when he is travelling is to smell the scent of the sea and to see the wind filling his sails. He breathes deeply and that makes him feeling well.

We too, we are going to breath like the blue sail boat:

We are filling our belly/stomach with air like a balloon,

We keep the fresh air in our stomach

And slowly we letting the air out of our mouth/ breathing out of our mouth.

During his travel across the sea/crossing, the blue sailboat meets with seagulls, they are shouting very loudly. But he likes their company nevertheless.

I am impatient/eager to arrive at another country. What I am going to discover, is wondering the blue sailboat.

And the blue sailboat float, float on the waters; he lets the waves and the swing of this sail rocking him and finally he falls asleep.

But where are we, he asks?

You are in Holland, answers the windmill; it’s the country of windmills and also of the tulips.

Song: Turn, turn little windmill, with the kind permission of Rémi GUICHARD


Turn, turn little windmill,

Clap, clap little hands,

Fly, fly little bird,

Swim, swim little fish,

Little windmill has been turning well

Little hands have been clapping well

Little bird has been flying well

Little fish has been swimming well.

Moment of calm/relaxation: The flight of the seagulls, piano in the sea by Damien Dubois


 Manual activity: windmill made out of/from paper

Moulin 2 

You need:

1 square sheet of paper (brand “canson”) 

1 pencil, 1 ruler, scissors

1 wooden stick (type Chinese chopsticks)

Cut a square of 20 x 20 cm from per coloured sheet of paper or colour the paper on both sides

Draw the 2 diagonals of the square; cut them half from the outside to the center

Fold one corner out of two towards the center 

Fold one corner out of two towards the center

Put a drawing pin at the center of the square or an “attaché parisienne” to fix the four folded corners in the middle

Fix the drawing pin at the top of the Chinese chopstick (not too close/without leaving

some leeway as otherwise the paper will not be able to turn)


Chapter 3 - The Seagull

The Blue sailboat continues his voyage; it is a solid boat, with a large sail which gets filled up with the wind. He can sail for a long time and he can go far! This time the seagulls are accompanying him. They fly without moving their wings, they glide with the wind, like the sail of the Blue Sailboat.

- Good morning, we are seagulls.

- Good morning, big sea birds.

- I am a seagull, and like all the seagulls I love flying, glide in the air, glide down at low altitude, smell the sea wind, have fun over the water.

With my brothers and sisters, we love to shout, sometimes we scramble to catch a fish, we run, and most of all we rush to get as far as possible. We learn together what is possible to do in the air; we often find new ways to speed in the air.

The reason why I fly is to grow up, to learn, to discover new horizons, and often I fly away alone or in a group, what is important to me is to fly, is to go ever further and higher.

When I come back from such a voyage, I am tired, but so happy to have gone far, further than yesterday; this gives me energy and will to start again.

I feel free.

Song: the seagulls, with the kind permission of Sharon Rose

They fly in the sky

Way high

Higher and higher

The cries of the heart

The call of the sea

They fly, they fly, they fly

They fly further

Seagulls fly further

The fly in circles

They sing a melody

Taken by the wind

In the whirlwind

The cries of the heart

The sea listens to them

They fly, they fly, they fly

They fly further

Seagulls, the fly far away


Us also, as Blue Sailboat, we feel the wind beneath us :

We close our eyes

We put our right hand on our belly

We feel our belly raise under our hand;

Our belly expands with the air, then it goes down.

The sea is calm and the sun shines. Some clouds all white pass y in the blue sky. All of the sudden:

- Oh! Look, there is a cloud who looks like an elephant! 

Nous aussi, comme Voilier bleu, comme les goélands, nous allons sentir le vent qui gonfle en nous :

Do you like elephants?

Elephants' song:

An elephant was swaying

On a web, web, web

Spider's web.

He found that so funny

That he soon found a second elephant.

Bedoum, badoum, bidoum

Two elephants were swaying...

Manual activity: elephant puzzle


This elephant has to be cut out in several parts, which have to be colored or painted,

glued on a cardboard, and assembled as a puzzle on a printed sheet. 


Chapitre  4 - The Whales

The Blue Sail Boat continues its journey. In the distance, he says strange shapes, very big, dancing in the waves and singing. He only sees shadows because it is still dark from the night. It’s dawn, just before the sun pops up from above the horizon. Happily, the bright sky, thanks to all the stars and to the bright silver moon, still lights up the see.

Who are these funny animals dancing in the water? I can hear them singing.

We are the whales, says one of these large animals. Hear our voices, these are our songs. We, whales can sing for hours, days even!

But why do you sing this way, asks the Blue Sail Boat.

It’s our way of talking, even if we are very far away from each other in the vast enormous ocean. We are always listening out for each other, and we are always communicating.


Song: The whale, by Max RONGIER with his authorisation


Manual activity: Making moving whales



One coloured A4 rectangular shaped format sheet of quite rigid paper (30cm by 10cm) to make carton

with the Whale sign (top of the picture)

One big black felt tip pen and other coloured felt tip pens.

Thick coloured sowing thread, and thick needle.

String to fix the moving whales to the ceiling (one or two pieces of approximately 30cm)


1 - Print the whales in a rigid piece of paper (different sizes can be used). Print in black

and white as well and let the children colour them

2 - Use scissors to cut out the whales following the borders of the whale pictures

3 - Using thread and needle, make a hole at the points indicated at the end

of the dotted lines representing the thread

4 - Put the thread through the hole and make a knot. Space the whales at regular intervals.

5 - Pierce a small hole at the centre of the carton sign (with the needle),

or make two on each side of the carton sign.

Put a long piece of thread through the hole and make a knot.

6 - Suspend the moving whales to the ceiling with a coloured pin.   


Mobile 1


Chapter 5 - The dolphins

But the surprises were not yet over for the Blue Sail Boat: what is that he is seeing? All of a sudden, a group of dolphins jumps out of the water and dives again back in.

What big fish they are! The Blue Sail Boat does not know that the dolphins are not fish! They are exclamations, like humans, like the whales, like cats, like dogs…

Curious as they are, the dolphins approach him : they circle the boat to learn about their new friend.

Song: Gentle dolphin, from “Z’animaux dans l’ eau” by Paul Glaeser, with his authorisation


It’s the gentle dolphin

It’s the friend of the sailors

Who is having fun in the waves

It’s the gentle dolphin

The tender dolphin

Who dives and plays.

We see them on the foam stream following the boats

Like an arrow in the water

It’s a very intelligent mammal

With a grey back and a white belly

You are so fast, said the Blue Sail Boat!

We like to race. We like to play with the fish: we have fun by allowing the jump on our backs.

But how do you do that, you do not have any hands?

No, but we have a big nose and fins that we use like hands! You want to play with us?

And that is how the game between the Blue Sail Boat and the dolphins starts.

You see, we live in the water, but we need air to breathe.

Because of that , we also come up to the surface to get air and that’s when you can see us;

we dolphins live in groups and we are always in a happy mood.

Lets relax whilst watching the dolphins.


We are like the dolphins, we are going to breathe:

We fill our bellys with air,

We put our right hand on our belly

We close our eyes

We fill our belly filling up with air.

Manual activity: Colouring a Dolphin


print and colour the dolphin, start with writing his name with a black pencil,

and after that use a felt tip pen to colour


Chapter 6 - The Penguins

The Blue Sail Boat is heading its way further up North, The birds seem to have an important discussion on the beach, They are weird in their back and white suit.

Hum, Hello, I do not want to disturb you, but I am new here ! My name is Blue Sail Boat.

Hello Blue Sail Boat, you do not disturb us ! We are very chatty as birds. We are penguins.

You are so many ! You have wings, so you can fly ?

Well of course ! And also swim ! Says the first penguin. To catch fish.

Or to dive in the cold water ! Says another penguin.

Look Blue Sail Boat ! See how well we dance !

Song : The penguins from « The animals from abroad with the kind authorisation of Paul Glaeser

In their suit of black and white feathers

They move in the cold, the blizard

They are funny weird birds.


Refrain :

Penguins ! Penguins !

Chatting on the floe !

Penguins ! Penguins !

Kissing from the beak,

Gliding on the ice

Out for fishing and hunting,

Crunching a bunch of voracious fish

The babies covered up by duvet.

Do some jogging to warm up

Because at the North Pole, there is no Summer !

Wait my friends ! What are you doing ?

We swim under your  hull 

Oh, but no so close, it tickles ! Says the laughing Blue Sail Boat

Suddenly, the rains falls ; Thanks to the beautiful sun, a great rainbow appears in the sky, on the horizon . It is fully in white .



Educational activity : A labyrinth


Take a cartonboard, cut in 2 squares of 20cm each, print the pattern of the labyrinth and cut it ;

Place a marble at the starting point in front of the sail boat.

We let it roll through the labyrinth, by touching, in order to lead it to the penguin.


Chapter 7 - The seal

A bit further away. The Blue Sail Boat sees some big animals lying on the beach. They are talking amongst each other, looking at each other, but most of them are just sleeping. He wonders what they dream about.

- What’s that ? Says the Blue Sail Boat. It looks like bubbles! A small funny looking head pops out of the water, looking amused.

- Hi, I am a seal! Says the animal as he plunges back into the water.

- Wait, where are you going? Asks the Blue Sail Boat. 

And hop ! A little head appear on the other side of the boat. The seal, when it is not sleeping in the sun, likes to swim in the cold water. Like the rest of his family, he also likes to swim underwater for a long time.

Song: The seal from "les Z’animaux", with autorisation from Paul Glaeser

« Icy wind, the seal doesn’t care,

And on the snow of the iceberg

As a snack, the seal crunches

Small fish, just because he loves to eat

With their moustaches

And his wet muzzle, the seal

Always seems to be having fun

Of walking sideways.

Of the icy wind, the seal doesn’t mind,

Ten months of twelve, in the cold

As that is the life of the seals

In their beautiful country of Alaska! »

- Ah ! I see bubbles ! Small seal I know you are there! Show yourself !

And in effect, the seal shows his head above the water.

- You don’t know how to swim under water ? Asks the seal to the Blue Sail Boat. Me, I like to go to the bottom of the sea. I also find a lot of fish there!

- I don’t eat fish, says the Blue Sail Boat, I am boat with the wind in my sails.

- So, you don’t know how to make bubbles !

And you, do you know how to make bubbles ?

Relaxation : We look at the small seals whilst listening to music.

 Manual activity: Colouring a seal

Phoque 1

Print and colour the seal, start with writing his name with a black pencil,

and after that use a felt tip pen to colour.


Chapter 8 - The fishies

The Blue Sail Boat tells himself :- The penguins, the seals, they all speak of the fish. But where are they ?He looks in the distance but doesn’t see anything. All around him there is only the blue of the sea, or green depending on the colour of the sky.But of course, he says, they are at the bottom of the sea. Because my firends all dive to catch them.The Blue Sail Boat bends over and looks into the sea. But the sea is too deep, he doesn’t see anything.- I need to get closer to land, it’s too deep here far from land, we can’t see the bottom.The Blue Sail boat navigates towards the coast whilst thinking of the fish.- Oh, I can see them ! They are making circles in the water !

Traditional Song : The small fish in wather, with the kind permission of Rémi GUICHARD

The little fish

In the water

Swim, Swim, Swim, Swim, Swim

The little fish

In the water

They swim as well as the big fish 

The big fish, the little fish,

They all swim well

The little fish, the big fish,

They swim as they should

The little fish

In the water

Swim, Swim, Swim, Swim, Swim

The little fish

In the water

They swim as well as the big fish.

The fish have beautiful colours and come in all shapes and sizes. The Blue Sail Boat also sees big algue, that grow on the sand. Others look like flowers clinging on to the rocks.

Look at the video of the fish. Imagine that you are in a submarine. You look through the porthole and you discover the bottom of the sea, all the magnificently coloured fish that silently swim in the sea. 


- They are so many things to see ! Shouts the Blue Sail Boat. I understand why the animals like so much to swim under water. But, I am not a submarine and I am not going to go underwater.

Active relaxation : We make bubbles by blowing through the hole and we look at the bubbles flying away

and dissapearing and we stay calm like the fish whilst listening to music by Camille Saint-Saëns.



Manual activity : Paperplate fish 


1 – Take a paper plate and paint it blue. If the plate is already blue, don’t paint it.

2 – Print the fish below.

3 – Glue the fish on to cardboard and cut all the parts according the model below.

4 – Reassemble all the parts on the plate, like a puzzle and glue them.

Chapter 9 - The polar bears

The Blue Sailboat continues his voyage towards the Far North, where all is white. He wants to see some bears all white themselves.

And then he sees two of them: a mother and her small baby, all white.

- Good morning, he says to mother bear, you are so big! What are you going to do on the ice?

- We are going to do some toboggan, baby bear says.

- Come with us, says mother bear. You just have to climb this hill, then you let yourself glide. We will meet down there as fast as possible!

- but you are going to fall in the water!

- Precisely, it's so fun! Says baby bear. Do you want to come and glide with us? He asks the Blue Sailboat.

- Oh no! I will never be able to! I am a sailboat and I could break up if I fell so far in the water! I have to go back to my country now, to France, and it is so far from here.

- Good bye then Blue Sailboat! Baby bear and his mother say.

Tale of the wild animals: The Polar Bears and the Brown Bears,

with the kind permission of Pascal Boile

Even though they are not brothersd

The brown bears and the polar bears

Are not strangers either

It is enough to look at them.

In Europe, in Antarctica

In Asia, in America

The bear does not hesitate to jump in the water

If they see a fish swimming.

Warm in his fur

He is a force of nature.

Do not try to get close

His paw can crush you.

Mother bear licks her baby

Such a cute baby

You feel like cuddling him

Why not, caressing him

But you have to stay aside

The baby bear is not a toy.

You should respect the wild animal

Bring with you just his image.

Relaxation: You listen to your dad or mum and then you watch the video:

"everything is white all over this big land of snow which is called the Ice Pack.

Everything is white except the sky and the lakes so blue.

At the North Pole, the sun never sets. At this time of the year, no snowstorms. The better.

Today, mother bear can go out with her baby. The snow is very thick, but in certain places it is powdery.

"Mum, the baby bear says, I would like so much to play in the snow. Do you want to do this with me?"

"All right, mother bear says, but afterwards we will have to go fish together; I have to teach you, because later on you will have to feed the family. But for the moment, it is important to find food for both of us."

"But daddy can do that, baby bear asks!"

"Daddy is now fishing for himself and to store food for the winter, when we will hibernate. For the moment, you have to grow up. And for that, without fish, you will stay small."

"No, baby bear says, I want to grow as big as daddy!"

Manual activity: polar bear 

Print the image on a fairly thick sheet.

Paint the sky blue; paint the snow very pale grey.

Print the bear; cut it out and glue some cotton on the body.

Glue the bear on the image and make the clouds with cotton pad.


Chapitre 10 - The way home

The Blue Sail Boat returns to his country; he remembers

all his friends from the sea, that he met during his travel.

Look at the beautiful nature that the Blue Sail Boat saw during his journey. Good bye!

A big thank you for precious help I have received from “Lotus”.