Backou, the courageous teddy bear

Chapter 7 – Backou loves honey

Backou 7


Backou’s parents continue to teach him how to mature. His sister, who is older, goes searching for honey. Backou wants to accompany her because honey is so good.

-Yes, says Papa Bear. To reward you for your courage, we will let you look for honey. But, listen carefully to your big sister so you do not scare the bees or else they will sting.

Backou and his sister Canelle rush into the forest but to the other side of the river. There are lots of wild flowers there. Canelle knows and loves them all. She explains to her little brother:

-The bees transform the nectar of each flower into honey and you have to eat much honey to become strong.

-Oh yes Canelle, I can eat a lot of it.

-OK then, we will eat some but not all Backou. To make their honey, bees work very hard. Much harder than we do. In winter, we sleep under shelter in the cave. The bees do not. So you watch me do it and then you can try, says Canelle.

Backou learns but this time with Canelle.

-I love growing up, especially with you Canelle. When I will be older like Papa, I can feed my family too!

Song: Backou loves honey.

He laughs at his shadow,

Backou is no longer scared.

Happy to discover with his sisters

Canelle and Brunette.

Bravo! Backou

Brave and courageous

What does he enjoy most?

So sugary and sweet,

Backou loves honey

Backou loves honey

He fights like a big bear.

All his fears go away.

The moon says hello to him

He shines in his armour

Bravo! Backou

What does he like most?

So sugary and sweet

Backou loves honey

Backou loves honey.


Educational activity: Backou Domino game

Click on the image to see the entire game.


Print the dominos and glue them on cardboard or laminate them.

Cut each domino. I hope you have lots of fun playing dominos with Backou.

Relaxation: the brown bear.