Backou, the courageous teddy bear

Chapter 6 - Backou the fisherman

Backou 6

Backou throws himself into the river and knocks his snout on the large stones.

-Ouch, it hurts! There are so many fish. I do not know how to catch them.

So he thinks. He cannot return to the cave without anything. What is he going to do?

-Yes! The net. I need to use it but first, I need to catch the fish. They swim so fast!

Backou concentrates. He decides to choose one fish at a time and with his two paws, catch them. Quick, the big net. Where is it? But by the time Backou searches for his net, the salmon has slipped through. He needs to start all over again.

Once, two times, three times and this time, it is the right one. The salmon is in the net. Backou hurries. Another fish. Indeed,  Backou is a brave bear. He can now eat his breakfast and return home proud and happy with his first fishing experience.

Activity: Backou who fishes salmon


Print Backou on an A4 sheet of paper.

Colour in Backou, the salmon, the river, the tree trunk…


Relaxation: We watch the bear in silence.