Backou, the courageous teddy bear

Chapter 5 – Backou and the river

Backou 5

This morning the sun woke the bear cub. He said hello to the tree that protected him the night before and gets ready to go to the river full of fish.

Backou is getting hungry. He hurries, picks some red berries on his way and he can already hear the sounds of the water which flows rapidly.

-Hem! I cannot wait to play in this river. At the same time, I will gather the fish and make my breakfast.

The water is fresh and the stones are large. Backou becomes bolder. It is the first time that he has to catch fish for the whole family and he needs to catch a lot. What a surprise. There are many pink fish. Yes, it is salmon! Let’s go then!

Song: It is water by  Enfantastiques.

Activity: colour the fish.


We say that the salmon is pink.

You can colour it pink too but if you prefer, use other colours.


Relaxation: We watch Backou as he catches the salmon