Backou, the courageous teddy bear

Chapter 4 Backou and the owl

Backou 4

Oh! Who is shouting at this hour? Didn’t you know that owls sleep during the day and are awake at night?

-I am a little bear and the tree was calling you because a strange noise had woken me up. Since I cannot see anything, he advised me to call on your services. Can you see who is scaring me, please?

Then the owl looks everywhere, through the leaves of the trees near Backou’s camp, on the little path – nothing out of the ordinary!

So the owl says to him:

-You see little bear, you were scared while you were sleeping, during your sleep. However, you remembered your mother’s advice and so you tapped your paws three times on the ground. You were able to release your fear. You were brave. Those are the sounds of the forest, the night, that you heard. Nothing else than the branches of trees which snap, buds from flowers which fall. You have nothing to be frightened of.

Backou goes back to sleep. He is happy with all that the wise owl said and he feels confident. He says to himself: Indeed, that is why one calls him wise.

-I am no longer afraid and tomorrow, I will go and fish the fish in the river.

Children’s song: Owl, the great sage. With kind permission from Sharon Rose

Who is there? Who is there?

What is moving?

Who is there? Who is there?

Behind those trees!

The great sage

of the forest.

Who is there? Who is there?

The owl cries Whoo! Whoo!

Manual activity: Backou’s puzzle

Puzzle 1

Print the puzzle. Glue it on cardboard or laminate it.

Print the second image and put the pieces of the puzzle together again.


Relaxation. Watch the bear’s tracks.Kodiak.