Backou, the courageous teddy bear

Chapter 2 – Backou in the forest

Backou 2

The next morning Backou leaves early and thrusts into the vast forest.  After  many hours of walking, he finds a beautiful river swarming with fish. Soon night will fall and without moonlight everything is obscure.

-I will prepare a  little camp to sleep under a shelter, he says to himself. -The night will be quite sombre. Tomorrow I will be ready to fish at the bank of the river. I am beginning to feel hungry. I cannot wait for tomorrow morning.

Backou falls asleep  very quickly but suddenly a strange noise wakes him up.

He buries his head in his arms and does not dare open his eyes. Then the same noise again but louder. The noise gets nearer. Oh mama, I am scared.

Backou is trembling now. Suddenly, he remembers what his mother had said to him once: when you are scared, tap your paws three times and the noise will stop.

Therefore, he becomes more daring. He opens one of his eyes slightly then the second eye. He takes a risk by lowering his arms to better defend himself. Bravely, he gets up and taps his paws three times like his mother told him to do.

Nursery rhyme: Tap tap tap – with kind permission from Sharon Rose.


Sing, dance  with your friends.

All in a circle, all in a circle.

Like that

123 123 123 tap tap tap

123 123 123 like that!

Say good morning, say good morning to your friends.

All in a circle, all in a circle

It is like that.

123 123 123 tap tap tap

123 123 123 tap tap tap.

123 123 123  tap tap tap

123 123 123 tap tap tap


Educational activity: hand print



Take your hand and trace around it on white cardboard and colour it in.

Make different coloured ones. Colour Backou’s face and place it at the top of the first hand.


Relaxation. Very near Backou’s tree, there are little flowers – bellflowers.

He has not seen them yet, however we  will listen to the little bells that ring.

Campanella from Frantz Litz.