Backou, the courageous teddy bear

Chapter 1. Backou is not a baby anymore.

Backou 1

Backou’s family lives in a big forest. One lives well but with the return of spring, Papa bear has to often fish  for food. The bears from this family are real gluttons and they need to increase their fat reserves in order to sleep during the winter.

-Now you are older, says Papa bear to Backou. You will learn to fish. Take this large net to put your fish in. I will stay with your sister and mother and you will replace me.

Backou does not dare refuse to fish, in that case he would have to tell his father that the great big forest scares him especially if he has to stay alone in it all night. And Backou is no longer a baby.

-Papa says, today it is raining. It will be pitch black. I will not see a thing!

-My son, thanks to the rain, it will be easier for you to fish and you will be able to pick the fresh leaves from the trees. Off you go, show us how much you have matured.

Backou understands that he does not have a choice. He decides to do what his father demands.

Children’s song: Little Bear by Max Rongier.

He is laying on his bed.

He has eaten six salads,

six bananas and 100 radishes.

Papa makes him some herbal  tea.

And mamma too.

He drinks herbal tea for three days.

Three days in bed.

It is because of the 100 radishes.

Educational activity: Caterpillar.

The caterpillar has lost its numbers.

Following the model, find the missing numbers and write them in the circle where they belong.

Chenille 1


Relaxation: Watch the beauty of the forests.